My Daughter’s Prom Dress Changed My Life

Time flies! Really though, time slips through our fingers. I’ve heard people say it, but it never really meant anything…. until now. Last night I bought my third daughter her prom dress. This prom dress changed my life! I was ready for my first two kids to graduate. They were the older girls, after all. Of my first four children, they were the big sisters. They were paving the way for the kids that followed! I was excited to see them walk across that stage and move on to their grown-up lives! This is my third daughter, though…. she’s the younger sister! She’s one of the little ones. She’s going to University in the fall and it’s scaring me! Are the next 18 years going to go just as quickly? Faster?! In 18 years I will be 57. I’m not ready to be 57!

I can’t help but remember how many days, when I was stressed, rushed, or overwhelmed, I would say to myself “I can’t wait for this day to be over!” How many days did I wish away? How many times did I do the dishes myself because I didn’t want the mess of little ones helping? How many times did I rush story time, watch tv in silence, stare at my phone, or focus more on dinner manners than on talking about our day? How many times did I take for granted the life I had, because I was concentrating on the negative? I’m changing this now! I’m no longer going to wish away days! Instead I’m going to concentrate on the now and the “now” things I’m looking forward to! From now on I’m saying “I can’t wait until I can sit and have a glass of wine with my husband before bed!”, “I can’t wait to wash the dishes and be silly with my kids!”, “I can’t wait to read a story at bedtime!”, “I can’t wait to hear about my kid’s days, even if their elbows are on the table and their mouths are full of food”! I have to remind myself to enjoy all these times, even when they’re not going how I expected. I have to lower my expectations! Life doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m learning to enjoy life as it happens. I can’t wish away anymore days. I’ve already missed too many!

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