Embracing my Inner Molly Weasley

When I gave birth to my son, seven months ago, my family was met with the beautiful realization that we were, in fact, the reverse Weasleys!!!!! Seven children, six girls and one boy! This probably excited us more than it should have. My children immediately started figuring out which Weasley they were. Of course, I was Molly!

Harry Potter was a huge part of my children’s lives. When my oldest was in grade 2, I switched her from French school to English school. She was only able to read in French, and had to learn how to read all over again, in English. I had been reading Harry Potter and she wanted to be able to read it, as well. That year, she went from reading no English to reading the first Harry Potter novel. I attribute her determination to the beauty and intrigue of the Harry Potter world. From that moment on Harry Potter was a part of our family’s culture. We quoted it, assigned ourselves to Houses, and all delighted with each new book release.

My house has always been like the Weasley house. I remember finding comfort in how Harry loved the comfortable mess of the Weasley home. Although never dirty, my house is often a comfortable mess. Baking tools on the counter, Children’s crafts on the fridge and on the table, and the uniqueness of each family member is represented in the clutter around my home. I love my family home, and love the warmth the members of my family create in it. I will tell you, though, embracing my inner Molly Weasley was the most liberating and empowering moment of my life! It’s funny to look back at who I was and all the time I wasted worrying! Am I thin enough? Am I a good enough Mom? Do people like me? Do people like my clothes? Do people like my house? What a waste! Molly Weasley doesn’t worry about that stuff! She’s a strong mother of 7. She cares about her family and stopping Voldemort. Period. Molly Weasley is brave, strong, confident, loving, and loyal. She has no time to worry about how skinny she is, or whether or not her house is magazine ready! She eats when she’s hungry, feeds her family, and makes sure their house is running smoothly. It took having seven kids to realize that I was allowed to be comfortable in my own skin. That I don’t owe anyone an explanation for how I live my life. That I’m allowed to just love being a mom, even if my kids wear hand-me-downs and I wear Mom jeans to accommodate my Mom hips. What a gift!

If only every Mom out there could embrace their inner Molly Weasley! You don’t need seven kids, You just need to be unapologetically you. Be committed to the Mom you want to be, and don’t worry about what other people think of you. Allow yourself to concentrate on your family, and your health! Not other people’s opinions and your ability to meet their expectations! Don’t go into debt to provide a life you can’t afford and don’t sacrifice your health to “bounce back” after baby. Just love yourself and concentrate on what’s important. Knowing that you’re living your life for you, and that your energy is saved for loving your family, is where the real magic is!

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